Welcome. My name is Leslie Spurlock and I work a lot as a Dallas wedding photographer. The magic I see through my lens is possible only because of my amazing clients. Through sharing their most sacred and honest moments with me, I am able to create a vibrant record for them, one still at a time. For this reason, I count myself among the luckiest people alive.

For more than twelve years, I have had the pleasure of travelling as a professional wedding and portrait photographer. Although I call Dallas/Ft. Worth my home, I have been fortunate enough to wander this diverse world as I capture my clients having the time of their lives. Having been trained as a photojournalist, I bring my passion for storytelling to every wedding and portrait session I shoot. There is no greater responsibility or honor than documenting these stories vividly for my clients, wherever those stories lead them. My promise to clients is that I will always show up with my A-game, ready to create and deliver incredible images.

Wedding Photography

It has been a pleasure to have worked with so many amazing couples. Just as each couple is unique, so is the style and flavor of their weddings. If you choose an outdoor ceremony, we can work with the surrounding landscape and light to allow those who view your photos the sense that they are right there with you. For those who would choose an indoor wedding, we can use the beauty of the architecture and decor to artistically frame the participants.

Studio and On-Location Portrait Photography

When you decide to invest in personal portraiture with Leslie Spurlock Photography, it is an exciting moment. You can be assured that together we will create an environment that brings out the real, best you. Professional portraits need to be all about Y-O-U and the personal style that you choose to communicate.

How I work

Being naturally laid back allows me to create amazing art with all types of people in various situations. Because I seem to attract that same type of client, I have been blessed to collaborate with many incredible individuals and couples on documenting their greatest memories.

When clients contact Leslie Spurlock Photography, they get me and my best. Contact me and let’s work together to create snapshots of your next greatest memories.

Dallas, TX is home but I have been to a lot of places

Yes, I’ve shot events at Thistle Hill in Ft. Worth, Piazza in the Village in Colleyville, TX, The Filter Building at White Rock and many other Dallas-area venues. But just because I’m a big Dallas fan, that hasn’t stopped me from shooting events in Peru, Tuscany, the cenotes in Mexico and a bunch more. So, as the Sonics say, “Have love, will travel!”

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