Ryan Gabel, a senior at McKinney HS, wanted a senior picture session with a variety of scenes that expressed his wide range of interests. He and his parents contacted me and designed a senior shoot that does just that. Using Bonnie Wenk Park and downtown McKinney as their sets, we were able to capture some fantastic images.

Some of the shots focused on Ryan’s long-time passion for running. Throughout his time at MHS, soccer and cross-country were his principal sports. Ryan has a strong affinity for introspective activities as well including being an avid listener to multiple musical genres, a chess aficionado and being active in his church youth group.

He is at home with outdoor pastimes and activities, and we used the park grounds to great advantage to show this side of Ryan’s personality.

His parents are very happy with how Ryan has shown poise and balance. In their words, “he is a kid that all parents dream of, and we are excited and confident about his prospects for the future”.

Ryan was great at showing genuine feeling during the shoot, and I liked being able to bring out his pensive side when the opportunity came along.”