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A Photojournalist from Texas

Photojournalist for Zuma Press, photographer, storm chaser,  and humanitarian, Leslie Spurlock, talented and gifted photographer has been capturing stunning pictures across the globe. With her unique style and one of kind shots she is captivating  audience all over the world.

With 21 years of experience Leslie is bold with her pictures and capturing the world through her eyes. She has covered stories all over the world  from the USA, to the Amazon, and Haiti taking breathtaking pictures wherever she goes.

Leslie has a true talent and is very gifted and can capture truth, beauty, and the heart of humanity across the globe with her candid shots. 

She got started in her photojournalism career when she decided to make a bold move and go to Haiti to do some documentary work. By 2004 she was supposed to go to Haiti for Carnval but the uprising happened and that’s when she decided to listen to her calling and embarked on her career into photojournalism. 

She ended up living with the rebels for 3 weeks when they ousted  President Aristide and took over the country temporarily. She went back 4 more times, including, covering Tropical Storm Jeanne that killed 3000. 

After those times in Haiti she took a break from photojournalism and started shooting weddings and portraits, but her heart wasn’t in it and soon she was led back into photojournalism in 2020.

She was watching the riots unfold with George Floyd and that’s when she knew in her heart that she had to make a decision. This was her life’s calling, which she could no longer ignore. It was there, that she covered 17 protests across the country. Capturing the most astonishing and captivating moments in US history.

Not only was she out in the middle of the riots, but she was also involved in storm chasing. Capturing the heart of the storms  and the aftermaths of Katrina, Rita, Harvey, Laura, Ida, and Delta. 

She has been published worldwide including in Time, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, NY Post, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Miami Herald, Austin American Statesman, Daily Mail, ABC, CNN, Yahoo and many more. 

Leslie Spurlock is truly gifted and talented at capturing events around the  globe and humanity through her lens and unique world of photojournalism. 


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Leslie Spurlock, photojournalist, provides stunning pictures throughout her career. Capturing stunning moments across the globe.


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